Friday, April 06, 2007

Interesting Flag

Last weekend, we were at the Cabildo and my husband noticed this flag. He knew what it was, the Flag of the Independent Nation of Louisiana.

A little later, we were out with our grandson and my husband wanted to see the old Mssrs Marigny and Almonaster's tombstones in St. Louis Cathedral. So I showed him where they were and we noticed the same flag flying among all the others in the Cathedral.

This flag really was called the Flag of the Independent Nation of Louisiana. It was flown when Louisiana seceded and before it joined the Confederacy. (Once they joined the Confederacy they flew the Confederate flag.) Thus the above flag was only flown for about two months, officially, but is still flown among all the other flags at both the Cabildo and St. Louis Cathedral.

Thought it was interesting. Might have to buy one. No doubt Ashley will want one.

Also an interesting idea. Perhaps we could set up some new rules for insurance companies and file charges against them, while we summarily execute pirates. Okay, so I'm really anti-capital punishment, but still, the idea of setting up the gallows on Jackson Square while flying this flag was a cool image. Get the Corps of Engineers out there too, maybe? Just to watch? Lord knows we don't want them constructing the gallows.

Just sayin'.



Adrastos said...

You've been prolific of late, Slate. Of course in this post you went all Shane Landry/Ashley Morris on us. Disclaimer: Shane and Ashley are both my friends but I enjoy teasing them about secession.

ashley said...

I like that flag. OK. I like what it represents. It's a bit too Liberia for my liking.

I'm wif ya on the execution thing.