Monday, May 05, 2008

On a Lighter Note---for now

We couldn't make it to JazzFest this year---ticket prices too high and too long a walk yet for the husband. We were seriously miserable about it. But thanks to WWOZ (yes, Loki, I will post this over there later today) LiveWire, we heard that Bonerama was playing at dba on Frenchman St. at midnight Saturday night. He could walk the four or five blocks from our house to Frenchman St.

So off we went at 12:30AM for a late night date to get the cobwebs blasted out of our heads with bone and rum. It worked, quite nicely, although we spent most of Sunday a bit hungover after being out there til after 3AM. Frenchman Street was jammed, dba was jammed, and Bonerama dragged our spirits out of the gutter and blasted them all over New Orleans. Half the crowd was singing Whipping Post at the top of their lungs, almost, but not quite, overtaking the sheer volume of the band. Glasses overhead, brass screaming, people singing, "Good Lord, I feel like I'm dying," with big grins on their faces.

I found this very short clip from the Louisiana Music Factory at YouTube. This should help you through your Post-Fest Blues.

Oh yeah, and Part 2 is being written, so enjoy the light side here while ya can.

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