Thursday, September 25, 2008

Campaign in the Name of Jesus and Keep Her Safe From Witchcraft

This article found on AOL is a bit scary, but then most things about Ms. Palin are a bit scary, including her interview with Katie Couric. The video below is included in the article, but after the last video I put in here was pulled, I'm redundantly linking it just in case as this one will do doubt be gone from public view shortly.

Now, all of you waiting for the new moon loaded down with black candles and wax thoughtform effigies of Gov. Palin, just put it out of your mind. None of your work will help.

EDIT: I got a comment yesterday on this Palin video: "Weird, odd, perhaps even bizarre. Rev. Jeremiah Wright: that's scary at the TOP of the other ticket." I published it as I'm not in the habit of censoring my comment section for anything but blatant flaming or spamming. This comment, however, bothered me all night. I had seen the entire context of Rev. Wright's "God Damn America" sermon, and while I felt that he could have toned down his rhetoric a bit, none of his historical facts was wrong. Unfortunately the MSM only showed the "God Damn America" portion and not what led up to it. I am not a student of the Bible, I am not a fundamentalist anything. There is no way I could have quoted Malachi. But the rest of what Wright said was historically correct. I have no doubt but that the person who wrote this comment is Caucasian. Having never been on the receiving end of the kind of racism that Wright condemns here, that indeed was codified into law in THIS country, we cannot possibly understand the rage, really understand it. Can you really quibble with his calling our history "American Apartheid?" His comments do not scare me in the least, in fact I was a bit disappointed in Obama for abandoning Wright in the interest of being politic to court the white middle class Democratic vote. Wright's rhetoric is incendiary, no doubt about it, but I defy you to find an historical inaccuracy in what he said. I can't prove what he had to say about God, but there certainly are documents to prove what he said about this country's historical treatment of Blacks--in your local public library (if it's still open and Palin hasn't burned the books yet) or the Library of Congress.

Okay, again, to be clear, perhaps his "God Damn America" statement was a little over the top, but it got your attention, just like Palin's "I'll find some examples (of McCain's record) and get back to ya," comment got mine. Wright at least knows his history. Palin doesn't even know her running mate's Senatorial voting record.

Below is the complete Wright statement, with the contentious line in context if you're interested:


Anonymous said...

My rituals will work. Must remember to pick up black candles, tons of sage and chicken blood. (Oops... I have the chicken blood... need wax for the voodoo doll)

Anonymous said...

Weird, odd, perhaps even bizarre. Rev. Jeremiah Wright: that's scary at the TOP of the other ticket.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has occasionally flown here under the banner of anonymity myself, it's disturbing to me that I could ever conceivably be mistaken for the person who left the above "anonymous" comment, which I find quite misguided. ;-)
I have to admit that, right after 9/11, righteous anger towards corrupt US foreign policy was not near the top of MY emotions list... I was too shocked and horrified for that. I could not conceive of any way that the 9/11 attack was justified, no matter HOW evil some US policies may have been in the past or how many innocent deaths have resulted from US military actions. It just hits too close to home when it could have so easily been my friends, my relatives, my co-workers, my acquaintances who died there.
But am I angry at Rev. Wright for saying what he did?? HELL no! I believe that I see where he is coming from, or if I can not entirely see it, I at least respect it. I guess I have too much consciousness of the history of racism to be offended by "US KKK of America."
I do not hold it against Obama in the least that he dissociated himself from Wright, though, because I think Wright was getting out of hand by that point -- if you recall, by that point he was presuming to speak to the media on behalf of Obama and to suggest that Obama was hiding his true viewpoints (which were supposedly secretly in alignment with Wright's) because he is a politician, while Wright is a Reverend. I do not think Obama is faking it, hiding his true sentiments.. I think the guy's beliefs are truly closer to the mainstream Democratic foreign policy platform than Wright's are (or would be if he were a politician). And that is what seems to make Obama more electable than, say, Kucinich, or Nader, despite his quirky name and racial/ ethnic background. Right now I find myself praying (in some kind of Unitarian/ quasi-Buddhist/ reform Jewish way) that Obama will be elected. I do respect that Rev. Wright has stayed out of the public eye since Barack denounced him.
best wishes to you -Fretful Porpentine