Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Glory at Sea

A while back, I was sitting at Buffa's. There were some kids, at least from my perspective they were kids, talking about making a movie. They even considered my grandson for a part in it. They wrote the screenplay in Buffa's. You'd see them in the front room or the back room, all gathered around a table talking seriously as the rest of us cranked the jukebox or played bad pool.

The result was this amazing short film, Glory at Sea. Buffa's cook, Mama Jo is in the cast along with others from Buffa's including Cedric, whom we haven't seen in forever and miss a lot.

I got an email from Benh Zeitlin, who had brought it up to Buffa's one afternoon so we could all see it. I bought one from him that day it was so beautiful. His production website is, although I'm not sure if you can purchase a copy there or not. I've emailed him to find out.

This film has garnered many awards. I'm so delighted for them.

YouTube's Screening Room has posted Glory at Sea in its entirety (and an interesting tidbit learned at Buffa's that day was that Obama loved the score). I am posting it here for you. (Hit the "high quality" button, it was shot on HD video.) It's one of those pieces you'll watch over and over again. Hope you like it.

I'm so proud of them!

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Sophmom said...

Wow. That was amazing, beautiful, and thank you for sharing the lovely back story of how it came to be. Wonderful.

My word verifcation is "alotgo". No shit.