Tuesday, October 02, 2012

NOLA 1 Big Stage: Truth and Other Lies

For a long time, my friend LD over at The Truth and Other Lies has been fighting the good fight on the permitting issue, beginning with the absurd exchange he had regarding creating art in his own home. (Seriously, the way the law is written currently you need a permit for that so put down your paint brush and step away from the glue gun. Holster that chisel, you sculptor! You over there, what do you think you're doing with that clay?) He has been through the various ordinances and he's doing a series on his blog about them.

Here at New Orleans Slate, I have several guest posters lined up and will post their perspectives as soon as they are submitted.

Also of immediate importance: THERE IS ANOTHER MEETING AT KERMIT'S SPEAKEASY TOMORROW, OCTOBER 3 AT NOON. We can't let the pressure drop down on this issue and we have to find a way to work together productively, so let's keep it up.

Until my first guest post is ready to publish, why don't you wander over across to LD's and read this latest post. He has a good chronological timeline on all this. (He also mentions the Eris Debacle which I wrote a lot about at the time. For the record, last I heard the Internal Report had still not been a. finished, b. made available, or c. done at all. I talked to someone recently who told me to request it again and I think I will.) His post is a good read so go visit!

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