Friday, October 27, 2006

Scattered Smatterings

Horrid title. Live with it. That's how my head is working, or not working, today.

New post at Katrina Refrigerator here. A year old rant about Blackwater, Tom Benson, the Superdome and Emeril Lagasse. Clearly I was pissed off that day, although you'll see from the notes at the bottom, that in some areas, I still feel the same way.

Great post about the "new normal" over at Humid Haney's blog. I think written by a writer for a Chicago paper, (sorry, I shoulda re-read it before I wrote this!), it's sensitive and illustrative of our reality here. Check it out.

Found this interesting little item on NPR the other day. Blogger Jailed for Refusing to Turn Over Video.

Josh Wolf, a San Francisco blogger, shot footage at a demonstration, and a federal investigation into an assault on an officer asked him for the footage. He's refusing to hand it over, so he's been in a California prison for two months. Now the issue being raised is "is a blogger a journalist covered by the shield law." His attorney also feels he's being used as an arm of the government.

Interesting questions. What do you guys think?

Oh yeah, and words fail me with regard to Sheriff Lee's comments and tactics. After reading Dangerblond's last few entries, I don't think his statements are going to help anything, and will indeed be damaging. Wish words failed him sometimes.

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