Friday, March 09, 2007

Louisiana in Words Book Release and Book Signing

Forwarded to me by someone near and dear to me, Sam Jasper. Sam contributed a very small piece to this book, and so I am broadcasting it. This is from the email she received:

Please join us for a very special event.

The book release party for LOUISIANA IN WORDS will be at the Maple Leaf
(8316 Oak Street) on Sunday, March 18, 3 - 6 pm. It's totally free!

Artist James Michalopoulos’ New Orleans Rum and Abita beer will sponsor
the event, so there should be plenty of free libations, plus a cash
bar, as well as the live Dixieland Jazz of Some Like It Hot. Come spend
the afternoon with us and have some fun!

Please see for info on the book, or
keep reading.....

“I have those flying dreams--cruising low over the ground. In
Louisiana in Words I can finally hear the voices that rise from the
land. Joshua Clark has tapped into the soul songs of Louisiana.”

--Judy Conner, humorist and author of Southern Fried Divorce


Although there have been plenty of “day in the life” picture books,
never before has a book sought to capture a single day in a state with
words like this. Created from submissions received from the world over,
this anthology offers an authentic diary of Louisiana. One hundred
twenty nonfiction selections from known and unknown writers run
chronologically from dawn to dawn, each one minute in time. From
Tallulah to Thibodaux, Shreveport to St. Martinville, New Iberia to New
Orleans, together these minutes provide a mosaic of the landscape,
heritage, speech, and traditions of Louisiana unlike anything before

“A clever, revealing, earthy collection, as spicy as Louisiana home
cooking, this book is a must for lovers of unquestionably the most
hilarious and unselfconscious state in the union.”

--Ken Wells, Wall Street Journal Front Page Editor

“Louisiana in Words is a Book of Hours for a place that’s more like a
religion than a state. Witness within the worshipful attention to
sunrise and sunset, the madness of LSU football on Saturday, and the
calm of Ash Wednesday on St. Charles Avenue. From Caddo Parish way down
to Plaquemines, Louisiana is like no other state in the union, and
Louisiana in Words offers up minute-by-minute proof of that fact.”

--Josh Russell, author of Yellow Jack


Wesley said...

Give my congrats and love to Sam Jasper, and tell her this is only the beginning.

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