Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back to Work

My grandson's school is open. An amazing feat, apparently. With a year of post-K time behind us, many schools were still not ready to be open to students. (HEY FEMA! WHY IS THAT?) My grandson's school opened a week later than it was supposed to, and the summer session was mostly cancelled. The summer session was supposed to be two weeks all day and became three days, half days, and that thanks to the largesse of NOCCA who provided some classroom space. But his re-entry into school allows for my re-entry into real life. (Is that a good thing?) While I will not be spending my days playing pirate or running to ("they know EVERYTHING!") to find out what is the world's smallest car, I can now address the mountain of notes sitting here on my desk waiting to be written up.

I have also started a sister-blog which will be the archive for all the emails that gave birth to this blog in the first place. Those emails will be published on the second blog on the dates that they were originally sent out last year. I will link to them on those days in this blog. (Great idea, utterly co-opted from other bloggers in the area.) I'm organizing those emails now, and I believe the first one was sent out September 12, 2005.

I will also be updating the blogroll shortly. There are so many voices that need to be heard here.

I suppose you'll have to prepare yourself for some rants about Entergy, our "Where's Waldo" mayor, the ideas floating around about municipalization of Entergy and the recall of Waldo. I still haven't written about the fabulous folks who managed to put the Rising Tide conference together and my take on what was said there.

So while I've been out of commission a while, and seemingly silent, my brain has been screaming onto cocktail napkins and grocery store receipts---little snippets of outrage or encouragement.

And it's all gonna come out here. I'll be really curious to see the contrast between what I was writing last year at this time and what's going on now. I haven't read last year's stuff since I wrote it. I'm not sure if I'll laugh or cry or both. But there you have it.

Oh yeah, and in case you're wondering: We are not Ok. Still.

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Loki said...

Looking forward to it. Email me if you are interested in doing a guest post on HumidCity.

We should meet for drinks soon. I turn 40 on the 16th and will have ready made excuses. Besides, we have music biz stories to trade!

humidcity (at) gmail (dot) com