Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ya just can't get AWAY from her some days

You're just riding your bike down the street, nice day, not too hot. Looks like it could rain, but probably not a huge downpour. You lock up your bike and go into the A&P, the newspapers hit you by the door.

Eight dead in violent weekend. Not enough cops, not enough lights in some areas, too many guns, no public defenders, the ones we have getting chewed out by judges, files still under water, violent criminals going free because we can't get them to trial in a timely fashion or some lunatic judge lets them go on bail.

Mental health issues going unaddressed in New Orleans. Not enough beds, not enough doctors, not enough hospitals (we need Charity Hospital BACK), no safety net, stories of private hospitals who are not allowed to turn patients away sending their ER docs out the door to try to hold off an ambulance carrying a mental patient. They don't want to deal and they are overwhelmed.

100 Day Plan. Mayor Nagin. What plan? What Mayor? Local blogger Gentilly Girl is putting out a recall petition which fellow local blogger Ashley Morris says has little chance of carrying weight, but as Gentilly Girl says, it will send a message. Local paper says that neighborhoods are bypassing "plans" and doing what they need to do to get their houses gutted and built. Nola.com has a good map of how the rebuilding is happening in this hopscotch fashion.

Man who commandeered neighbor's boat for rescue during Katrina, is charged. HUH? The guy hears his neighbor's screaming for help, finds another neighbor's boat, takes it, rescues a bunch of people, and the owner of the boat wants to sue him. He has since dropped the charges because of "the media frenzy." As a friend of mine said, god forbid he should drop the suit because it was the right thing to do.

President Bush comes to New Orleans on anniversary of Katrina. This needs no further comment, although you might want to head over to The Wet Bank Guide and read his "Lying Sack of Shit" post. Pretty much sums it up.

I could go on, but others have written far more detailed and eloquent pieces on all this. I just noticed, as I walked into the A&P that sometimes you just can't get away from Katrina, no matter how hard you try.

Here is the link to today's redux of last year's emails over at Katrina Refrigerator. I was delighted that I found all the photos I was looking for for it.

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