Monday, September 18, 2006

Katricians??? WTF?

New term coined by a Houston gun dealer. Here's the article.

How lovely.


Polimom said...

I haven't even been able to write about this. It just blew me away. The only good news seems to be that everybody has blasted him in the blogosphere (that I've seen) -- even in Houston.

Good. The jack**s.

Anonymous said...

The term itself is not derogatory in any way. It is rendered derogatory by virtue of the behavior of a large number of Katrina refugees once they got here. They complained that they weren't getting enough, and that what they were getting wasn't good enough. Many have sat here feeding at the government trough for almost two years now, and when it appeared that money for free rent was about to run out, they threatened that the crime rate would go up if the free rent stopped. Lack of gratitude. Blackmail. Top that off with the fact that our murder rate has gone up nearly 25% since they got here, and you can see why some of us believe it was a mistake to be compassionate, that it was a mistake to open our doors. So, Trust me, folks here will think long and hard before we do it again.